The Genocide Project

The Genocide Project is a multi-part artistic exploration of modern violence.


Throughout history, every country and every people has repeated this to itself.

I Am

I Am is a video installation examining marketing, demographic segmentation.

Effect & Essence

Effect & Essence is an exploration in to the physical and the virtual — delving subtly into issues of authenticity.

The Safety of Damocles

In modern times, long-held beliefs about the “authenticity” or originality of the self.

Listen to Me

Examining persuasion, power and control in this age of technological punditry.

The Franconia Mound

The public sculpture The Franconia Mound was a site specific piece situated at the Franconia Sculpture Park in rural Minnesota.

Fire in Place

The installation piece Fire In Place is an exploration into our attempts to tame and control of fire and nature.

Hanging Ash & Text

In an exploration of the juxtaposition of organic and inorganic materials, I developed the Hanging Ash with Textpieces.

Communication Revolution

my early works and one of the first to deal with my now familiar issues of authenticity and perception.

Tubby Love

This project is dedicated to the obscenely devoted and to those who create their own private devotional universes.

Outside looking inside, outside

Outside Looking Inside, Outside is an interactive sculpture that explores ideas of privacy, identity and surveillance technology.