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New Poster Offensive Poster

This years Poster Offensive looks to be a spectacular one. I just finished up my poster for the show.I’m pretty excited about it. Here’s a rough phone snapshot.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Title: Can You Hear Me Know?
Print method: 3-color screen print, 19″ x 25″
Quantity: 50
With the ever increasing preponderance of high-tech gadgets, our reliance on scare minerals has become more apparent. Many of these minerals,  cassiterite, coltan and tungsten, are found in regions of the world torn apart by violence. Much of the mining is done by those caught in the middle of these conflicts, and often at gun point. In our truly global economy, mining endeavors are not carried out by one government or corporation, but by multi-national conglomerates. This poster looks at the two sides of the situation in war-torn Congo, an epicenter for conflict minerals, at a government hungry for foreign investment in order to rebuild its lagging infrastructure, and a simple miner struggling to survive.

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