Outside looking inside, outside

Outside Looking Inside, Outside is an interactive sculpture that explores ideas of privacy, identity and surveillance technology both present and future. The piece examines that which is surveyed, and that which can not be examined with even the most advanced medical technology or marketing techniques.

The sculpture consists of a polished 4’x2′ wooden box. Inset into the box are two small LCD monitors. Under each monitor is a large red button and a speaker mesh. The left monitor displays the slow moving image of a head. When the visitor to the piece presses the button, a speaker is activated revealing the quiet voice of the images interior monologue. The monologue, one we carry on with ourselves constantly, ranges from banal reminders and reprimands to small epiphanies. The right-hand screen displays a heartbeat monitor interspersed with various data: body temperature, blood flow, height and weight. When the visitor engages the corresponding button, they hear the sound of a heart beating matching that of the heart monitor.