Tubby Love

TubbyLove was created for The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis for their Shock of the View exhibition.

Much of the appeal of the world wide web lies in the ability of people to communally bond over a favorite entertainment star, movie or television show. We can find this in the legions of fan-fantasy devoted universes. This project is dedicated to the obscenely devoted, those who spend the time, money and love to create their own private devotional universes.

Spooky Po is not a pretty Tubby.

I love the Teletubbies. I could mask Tubbylove in postmodern deconstructionist babble, but the simply truth is that I love the daily recurring antics of the Tubby Fab Four. From the benevolent sunbaby/godhead, to the ever coaxing and cajoling Voice of Authority, the props, the bunnies and, of course, the dancing. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and tiny Po are like a soothing balm in a stressful adult world. Tubbylove is home to Spooky Po, a slightly embittered, yet ultimately lovable blacksheep cousin Tubby. Spooky Po hopes to one day join the Four in their daily antics (and yes, the dance, THE DANCE), but must now be satisfied with the occasional guest appearance. Spooky Po is not a pretty Tubby. The design is cheesy, his dance is not the choreographed grace of the others, he is too big, and something is vaguely disturbing about his demeanor. What lies behind this fifth Tubby? Stay tuned…